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Books: Disability Specific Resources: Parkinson's Disease

New Horizons Un-limited is not endorsing and assumes no responsibility in guaranteeing the products, services, programs or conditions as described. If you are interested in a resource listed below, call or contact the resource to verify the current situation. Evaluate the information, analyze your unique circumstances, use your best judgement and make your own decisions when using the information. Before making any change, consult your health care professional.

New Sign Books on Parkinson's Disease is an article from the Expect More - Parkinson's Disease website. From the United Kingdom this list of books is fairly comprehensive in scope including guides for living with Parkinson's, finding care and books for the caregiver.

300 Tips for Making Life with Parkinson's Disease Easier

This paperback book, written by Shelley Peterman Schwarz, is copyrighted 2002 by Demos Medical Publishing, Inc. The author writes in the forward, "This book features tips to help you streamline daily activities, find ways to stay involved and in touch, and discover local, state, and national resources to make your life easier." There are chapters on making your home safe, dressing and grooming, communicating, and handling medical issues, among many others. This book is available online at Amazon.com.

The First Year: Parkinson's Disease - An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

This book is by Jackie Hunt Christensen, copyright by Jackie Hunt Christensen in 2005, and published by Marlowe & Company. This book is an excellent resource for a newly diagnosed patient and their caregiver. The format of the book starts with the first seven days, then moves on to the next three weeks, and finally on to the next 11 months. A wide array of topics is covered under chapter headings of "Living" and "Learning". Some examples are: Things to expect if you're taking Sinemet, The importance of support groups, PD isn't just for older people anymore, Dealing with your employer, and Planning your financial future. The subtitle of the book sums up its usefulness: A Patient-Expert Walks You Through Everything You Need to Learn and Do. Anyone coping with PD, not just the newly diagnosed will benefit from this book. This book is available online at Amazon.com.

For more on the topic of Parkinson's Disease

When Parkinson's Strikes Early

This paperback book is subtitled Voices, Choices, Resources and Treatment. It is written by Barbara Blake-Krebs and Linda Herman, was copyrighted by the authors in 2001 and published by Hunter House, Inc. This book is written for the young, onset patient, but it still provides much useful information for any Person With Parkinson's. Some of the chapters are "Living with Parkinson's Disease I: Quality of Life, Living with Parkinson's Disease II: Romance, Marriage, and Family, Invisible People: How the Public Perceives Parkinson's Disease, and Routes to a Cure, Hopes for the Future." There are also two appendices that list ideas for advocates and a resource guide to Parkinson's information. This book is available online at Amazon.com.

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