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A scene of people with various disabilities gathered around a blue lake, enjoying their home, community, the out-of-doors, health, recreation, housing, transportation and education with an accessible path for them to a high mountain and large yellow sun on the horizon.   New Horizons Un-Limited

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Our Accomplishments


Access Technology Initiative: Improving Computer Literacy and Access

Via our NHU Access Technology Initiative, we work to improve access for people with disabilities to otherwise unaffordable computer technology and training, thereby providing access to information, a means of communication, and many other opportunites, such as improving employment skills.

Employment Access

Access Information Initiative: Improving Access to Information and Support

Information and Referral

Via our NHU website and E-mail requests, we provide Information and Referral on helpful resources to people with disabilities and their families throughout the United States and abroad.

Support and Inspiration

Arts, Culture, Recreation and Respite Initiative

Via our NHU Access Arts, Culture, Recreation and Respite Initiative, we provide individuals with disabilities and their families/caregivers opportunities to experience arts, culture and recreation to enhance their lives and provide respite.

What’s On the Horizon for NHU in 2016?

Building a Remote IT Workforce

  • NHU is working on a pilot program that will enhance the troubleshooting, customer service, and organizational skills of aspiring Information Technology professionals with disabilities in an effort to prepare them for remote help desk support positions. As part of this project we will develop partnerships with experienced IT professionals and hiring managers in an effort to improve employment outcomes of our participants.
  • Building Accessible Cabins

  • New Horizons Un-Limited will continue to assist where needed to outreach to people with disabilities about accessibility in the state parks to ensure that all people will be able to access the Wisconsin State Parks without barriers and we remain committed to assisting in the Accessible Cabins. We are also committed to encouraging other states to learn of Wisconsin’s example and expand the program across the nation
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