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Access-Able Travel Source is a site that provides a place for disabled travelers to exchange information and provide assistance to others planning a trip. The site provides an FAQ on traveling tips, a listing of cruise lines and cruise ships that are accessible to individuals with disabilities, a listing of phone numbers for hotels, airlines, car rentals and States, and a listing of travel agents that can plan trips for those with special needs. There is also a database with travel information organized by regions of the world that puts all of the information together for ease of use. Also included is a discussion board which lists past experiences that can help inexperienced travelers. If you want to know more, please visit their site.

DisabledTravelers.com is a resource dedicated to accessible travel information. This website offers a comprehensive listing of businesses from around the world that specialize in disability travel: Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Adventure Travel Companies, Accessible Cruise Specialists, Accessible Van Rentals & Equipment, Airline Travel Info, Travel Companions, Travel Products, Home Exchanges, and Access Guides for wheelchair users and other disabled travelers, Travel Reviews and an Accessible Travel Information Blog. This is a great resource!

Emerging Horizons Accessible Travel News is a consumer oriented magazine about accessible travel. Emerging Horizons' primary focus is travel for people with mobility disabilities; everybody from wheelchair-users to slow walkers. Lots of access information, resources, news and travel tips. All with no advertising. Available in print and online. Sample articles are made available on their website. Subscriptions can also be ordered via their website.

Gimp on the Go is an online resource for people with disabilities interested in traveling. The site offers travel reviews, travel tips and news, various online surveys, a visitor bulletin board, a listing of other helpful resources on making travel plans and much more.

Global Access Disabled Travel Network offers travel tips for travelers with disabilities. Their site also features listings of accessible accommodations.

Moss Rehab ResourceNet offers an abundance of information pertaining to accessible travel. They have links containing travel tips, travel agencies, state tourism offices, cruise check list, airlines, trains, buses, hotels and motels, automobiles, van rentals, driving resources, travel alerts, travel resources, travel publications, government resources weather resources, newsgroups, and more. If you are planning a trip, don't miss this website.

Living with Diabetes: A Traveler's Guide from Rootfin.com, an independent life insurance agency that finds competitive rates. This guide provides useful information on everything from how to breeze through airport security to life insurance considerations, including "Planning and Packing" and tips not just for air travel, but daily commuting, extended road trips and vacations for the traveler with special considerations needed for Diabetes.

Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality (SATH) is an educational non-profit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the needs of all travelers with disabilities, remove physical and attitudinal barriers to free access and expand travel opportunities in the United States and abroad. They have a World Travel congress, "Open World" magazine, travel seminars, participation in regulatory committees and more.

New Sign Up, Up, and Away: The Ultimate Guide to Flying with Autistic Children for the parents and caregivers who have trepidation in flying with their child who has Autism. The table of contents of this article is Overview, Before, During, and After the Flight Checklist, Items to Pack in Your Carry On, How to Handle Sensory Issues and an Ask the Expert Q&A. The article has many resources throughout and many helpful suggestions, including solutions for safety concerns.

U.S. Department of Transportation: Air Accessibility is a comprehensive resource for people with disabilities who are planning to use commercial air travel. This resource discusses accessibility issues and rules, how one can receive information about the airline, when attendants may be required, medical issues, and general safety considerations.

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Accessible San Diego is a non-profit Information Center for seniors and travelers with disabilities, providing resources for the traveler with a disability via their "Access in San Diego" guide, its hotline telephone and web site. Their website offers a listing of San Diego's most accessible hotels, information on accessible transportation and other helpful information. You can also download their Accessible San Diego Guide via their website.


Easy Access Chicago is an online guide providing detailed information on the accessibility of attractions, tours, transportation, adapted sports and recreational activities, and more. They also offer a printable guide.


Minnesota Travel Guide for Persons with Disabilities is an on-line resource that provides information on accessibility for persons with disabilities and mature travelers. This website provides comprehensive profiles of transportation resources in Minnesota and some resources of orgainization that could help more. This is a must visit site for anyone with a disability planning a trip in Minnesota.


Accessible Virginia offers accessibility profiles of virginia attractions. They cover such destinations as lodging, such as bed and breakfasts, restaurants, historic and cultural attractions, campgrounds, fishing and boating areas, and much more.

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Accessible Niagra offers a website highlighting accessible places and attractions for people with disabilities on the Niagra Peninsula. Categories include children's fun, festivals, hotels / lodging, restaurants, shopping and many others.


Accessible Paris from Accessible Europe offers information on accessibility of various museums and other Interesting buildings and places in Paris, France such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, Tour Eiffel and Riverboats.

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