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New Horizons Un-Limited - 2019 - Celebrating 25 Years of Progress- Accessible Opportunities in the Outdoors!



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New Horizons Un-Limited - 2019 - Celebrating 25 Years of Progress - Accessible Opportunities in the Outdoors!

You and your family should free yourselves from life's stresses and take in the physical and mental healing that nature offers. When we can look far out to a horizon our eyes can relax, when we breath in fresh air and discover trees and beauty in nature, we can allow ourselves to think, problem solve and focus on other abilities or sensitivities.

Here are ideas for opportunities to respite in the outdoors:

What if you have not had the experience of the outdoors or do not feel prepared for an outdoor adventure?

This website Go All Outdoors has some great ideas for getting started in acclimating to the outdoors.

A first idea is to enjoy the outdoors close to home.

Recently we visited with the organization, Victory Garden, whose objective is to get people eating healthy food while enjoying growing their own vegetables and fruits in their own backyard.

Are you ready to move on to an outdoor experience away from home?

How many of you have tried camping and ended with an unhappy experience because you were unprepared with the right gear for rain, or cold, heat or too much sun?

Engineer and students with shovels break ground for the Nature Explore Classroom

Update of the Accessible Nature Explore Classroom - Bong State Recreation Area!

In the spring of 2018 Richard Bong State Recreation Area, (Kenosha County, WI) and the Bong Naturalist Association (BNA), broke ground on a new Nature Explore Classroom (NEC). Hoping to disconnect kids from electronics and grant opportunities that may not otherwise be available, the NEC plans to help kids develop an appreciation of nature, science, art and music and a lifelong passion for nature activities.

New gate for the Nature Explore Classroom

Naturalist, Beth Goeppinger, plans a tentative opening of the NEC in August 2019 and it will be the first of its kind in the state! There will be eleven “classrooms” dedicated to nature, movement and exploring, including a dig area, a water feature, a living Willow tunnel, a sensory garden and other gardens, a climbing area, and a sunflower fort.

Pictured to the left is the wonderful new gate to the NEC!

Known for the Accessible Cabin at Bong, our NHU President, Art Miller, along with Lavern Nall, Strass-Maguire & Associates, implemented the layout of accessible grading, and walkways. The meandering trail will take one through woods, by rocks and bushes, and up and down gentle slopes, which will now be entirely ADA accessible.

Do you know an individual or group that would benefit from the Nature Explore Classroom?  Please let them know about this new accessible nature opportunity!

Although the BNA has reached their goal of $140,000 there are some unanticipated surfaces expenses so they are still looking for help and donations. Do you know a scout group, class group or others who might like to get involved with the project? For more information, visit the bongnaturalistassociation.org or call (262) 878-5607.

This Season Plan to Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Family and Respite at a Wheelchair Accessible Cabin in the Wisconsin State Parks.

Camping Cabin    Camping Cabin    Camping Cabin

         Richard Bong State Recreation Area                     Kohler Andrea State Park                                   Harrington Beach State Park

The eight fully Accessible Camping Cabins in the Wisconsin State Parks offer low cost options for enjoying the outdoors for people with physical disabilities who require accessible amenities.

If you or a family member has a physical disability and are in need of a break, book a stay at one of Wisconsin State Parks’ Accessible Camping Cabins.

Make reservations early; accessible cabins fill up fast.

YOU can help support this endeavor by helping the Friends Group or the Wisconsin State Park of the cabin in which you are interested.

To keep accessible features maintained, the Wisconsin State Parks could use your help!

For information, reservations, or to donate, visit Wisconsin DNR Accessible Cabins.

For more Accessible Outdoor Opportunities, visit our website:

If you have questions or ideas, information and solutions that you would like to share with us, contact us by e-mail at: horizons@new-horizons.org or to use our NHU E-Mail Form or NHU Community Forum, click the links below.

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