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Disability Press Releases: 2016

New Horizons Un-Limited

Commitment to Provide Opportunities for People with Disabilities to Participate
in Employment


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New Horizons Un-Limited - Commitment to Provide Opportunities for People with Disabilities to Participate in the Mainstream of American Life - Employment

We vision the guarantee that our communities’ citizens with disabilities have the same opportunities to participate in the mainstream of American life; to enjoy employment opportunities, have the opportunity to purchase goods and services and to participate in local and state programs and services.

Without this guarantee, citizens with disabilities are unable to participate and non-participation will not strengthen, but undermine our ability as a nation to prosper.

There are many things we could be doing, now, to ensure a bright future!

Employment is a challenge for people with disabilities in the U.S. From employers to employees, from instructors and rehabilitators to students, and from agencies to those grasping for an opportunity for employment; there are changes on the horizon.

Should we be looking at employment in a new way? We can learn from history by looking back at successful employment of people with disabilities from our past.

Many years ago, after each World War, wounded veterans who had become disabled were returning home and trying to re-enter the work force again. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, saw the challenges these veterans would face for employment. He did not feel that he could turn them away. Returning soldiers and their families would need what he was building: cars. How would they be able to afford a car, if they could not work?

Can we look at employment of people with disabilities, in terms of this basic economic concept?

First Ford analyzed what could persons with disabilities do and what piece of his work load could match that ability. He set them to work and discovered that those with challenges were able to do certain parts of assembly work and they were more productive in their roles, infact as well as those without disability challenges.

We hear that employers are looking for people with experience. Through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, candidates are working toward identifying those skills for which they excel and those they need education or training.

What can YOU do to assist people with disabilities to get the opportunity to gain job experience?

For the EMPLOYER we encourage you to:

For the potential EMPLOYEE with a disability, we encourage you to:

People with disabilities can accept the challenge of employment and employers can benefit from a diverse work force!

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