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Amanda Baggs' interview by Sanjay Gupta addresses how someone with autism experiences reality. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and CNN's chief medical correspondent interviewed, Amanda Baggs, a 26 year-old woman from Vermont with autism. The videos and Ms. Bagg's responses to questions from viewers have brought forth medical misconceptions of autism. To view the messages from Ms. Bagg, go to the link above. To view the videos, find the links on the left side of the page on the link above. To learn more about Amanda Baggs and adult autism, visit CNN: Health.

Autism Asperger's Digest Magazine has been created especially for parents & family members, education professionals and aides, caregivers, speech therapists, psychologists and diagnosticians specializing in autism. A subscription includes six issues per year, information on how to help one to better understand children and adults with autism, and how to provide the best possible services and programs to meet their needs. Each issue contains 4-5 originally written articles, full-length text excerpts from the newest books in the field, and 9 regular columns authored by noted professionals, including Temple Grandin, Jerry Newport, Reed Martin, J.D. and others. Filled with practical, useful tips and strategies for parents, educators and service professionals. Published by and available through Future Horizons.

Autism At Home Series™ is best described as an autism conference “in a box” that is delivered to your door every month. Each issue contains high quality information and free and low-cost strategies and therapies that you can implement immediately. Over 180 Articles and 12 Hours of Interviews With Top Rated Autism Experts Each Year. This subscription costs $34.95 a month. There is a 30 day free trial that will renew (for cost) automatically without notice. There are many articles and information on autism on the website on diagnosis, family dynamics, autism therapies, health and wellness, books and meda, and life skills that are accessible without the membership. It is easy to check out the type of information available in the newsletter.

Autism is a World is an Oscar-nominated documentary, a collection of thoughts written by autistic 26-year old, Sue Rubin, who takes viewers on a poignant journey into her world to educate the public while empowering the autistic community toward their potential. "This is not my voice, but these are my words," begins the DVD. This DVD is available at Amazon.com

New Sign Autism Parenting Magazine gives your family access to:

Autism Spectrum Quarterly has many new and exciting features in this new publication, with a commitment to quality and excellence! Subscriptions to the The Autism Journal will automatically roll over to the new magazine. For information on how to subscribe, go to the website.

Connections Newsletter ONLINE is a bi-monthly (6 issues per year) newsletter for Asperger's Disorder and High Functioning Autism which is published by a group of Psychologists in Houston, Texas. This newsletter, which was formerly available in print for a subscription fee, is now available online, at no cost, through the Connection Center Webpage. Back issues will soon be available on the site.

F.E.A.T. (FAMILIES FOR EARLY AUTISM TREATMENT) is a newsletter that is sent daily via e-mail. It includes update on research, interventions, publicity and other news in the autism world.

MAAP Newsletter is the publication for MAAP Services (More Able Autistic Persons). Membership in MAAP, which includes this quarterly newsletter is $20. Payment must be in US dollars only. Mail to: MAAP Services, P.O. Box 524, Crown Point, Indiana, 46307 or phone: 1-219-662-1311 or visit their webpage at the above link.

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