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Guide for Hiring Personal Care Assistants (PCA)

August 1, 2016 [Updated October 31, 2017]

The following is a Guide on Hiring Personal Care Assistants. This guide is intended for those who wish to find and hire their own Personal Care Assistants. There is a great benefit in being in control of who assists you with your personal care, and selecting someone that compliments your lifestyle.

New Horizons Un-limited assumes no responsibility in guaranteeing the services, programs, or practicess as described. If you are interested in a resource listed below call or contact the resource to verify the current situation. Evaluate information and make your own decisions when using the guide.

Getting Prepared:

Identify your requirements:

Know your "must haves." Consumer directed hiring is where you call the shots. Let them know! Consider the following:


One of the most vital parts of the hiring process is getting the word out about the position! This can be especially hard when you live in a rural area or small town, so it helps to get concise and creative.

When creating your ad, make sure to include the most important information:

Find out where to post your advertisement. Be creative, and keep what kind of applicants you desire in mind. Determine if your position is good for young people, college age people, or working adults.

Here are a few ideas on where to post your advertisement:



Once applicants start applying, it's important to start the interviewing process right away. Here are some steps for getting prepared, and interviewing in a way that is comfortable for you.

  1. Determine what you want your interviewing process to be.

    - Would you like to start with questions over email, a phone interview, or go straight to in-person interview.

  2. Write a list of interview questions relating to the job and your requirements.

  3. Review applicants and select applicants to move forward with in the interviewing process. (If someone does not currently meet your requirements or fit in your schedule, reply to them thanking them for applying and to feel free to apply in the future.)

  4. Decide if you are more comfortable conducting first interviews somewhere public or in your home.

    - I’d highly recommend having someone else present if interviewing in your home.

  5. Interview 3-5 people.

    - Allow around 30 minutes for each interview. Explain to the applicant that they must be punctual as you have other interviews lined up.

  6. Decide who to hire, and have a second choice in case your first does not accept.

  7. Get back to all interviewee’s within a week of filling the position, thanking them for their time.

  8. Set up a time to complete paperwork, and training dates.

  9. Confirm by phone or email, one day prior to new employee’s first day.

    - Always have a back-up plan for a new employee's first day.

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