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Writing Guide

Congratulations!! so you are considering doing some writing! This writing guide was written for individuals and volunteers in the New Horizons Un-Limited community who may be interested in writing and submitting a Personal Experience, Share Your Knowledge, Resource Review for our NHU website or Posting a Message on our NHU Community Forum, however, anyone can access these good writing tips and resources.
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Writing Tips

  1. Have fun!
  2. Be willing to share.
  3. Think about the things you take for granted now, but took a lot to get here.
  4. Think about the things that have meant the most to you.
  5. Include details.
  6. Your opinion is also worth something.
  7. Be truthful.
  8. Choose one topic and keep it short.
  9. Recommend 250-500 words.
  10. Abide by the Rules of Conduct and Terms of Agreement.


How to Write

Writing Resources

Professional Writers: Publishing and Careers in the Literary Arts

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