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Disability Experiences: Writings and Perspectives

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A Couple Living with Disability: Amputation and Epilepsy

April 14, 2010

Mish from Arkansas recently submitted the following article on a personal experience with amputation and a husband's experience with epilepsy.

Although Mish has had a negative experience with society, this couple is moving on with hope and helping others with disabilities. Thank you to Mish for sharing experiences and these helpful suggestions on what people can do when faced with adversity.

My husband and I are Christians and I have been a lower amputee since 2000 and my husband has epilepsy since he was 13 yrs old. We have been married 38 yrs and all our married life, people in the church, would have nothing to do personally with us because of my husband having minor seizures. They didn't mind us working in the church, but there were never any friends. Then when I lost my lower leg and we became a couple with disability, well, they couldn't understand that we didn't let our "disabilities" get in the way. Till I got my leg to wear, I did all my housework, cooking, etc. from my wheelchair and my husband never let his seizures he had every so often stand in his way. Though after 10 years with his company they made him retire on disability, and so he's not worked in 25 yrs. We have devoted ourselves these past 10 yrs. since I couldn't work as a nurse anymore, to trying to help resources for others with disabilities. Trying to encourage and know that you can make it, live in this world, despite how the world looks at you and treats you. I had to go back to a wheelchair and the church we were attending wouldn't let us do anything, not even let me sing. So we do not go to church anymore, but we know that one day they will have to give an account for their actions not just towards us, but anyone who wants to serve God.

We want to start a Bible study in our apt. Open only to anyone with a disability. Through this, making friends, being there for one another. We haven't given up hope and anyone who reads this, whatever you are going through? God loves us all, sees only our hearts and you just have to keep trying.. Anyone who reads this and lives in Hot Springs, Ark. visit our article at NHU Forum if they'd like to come and join our group. Take care, we love you all.

If you experience adversity in your faith group, here are some resources available on our website from NHU.

  • Talk to your ministry about beginning a task force to assist your group to formulate a plan to become more welcoming to people with disabilities in your group.
  • There are many resources on our website to help ministries to advocate and educate congregations about welcoming people with disabilities into your faith group. Please see our Religion and Spiritual Ministries section of our website.
  • If you are new in the community or having difficulty with your group, send a letter to the faith groups of your choice in your community asking if they will be accepting of you and your family members with disabilities. Those groups that are welcoming will most likely respond and hopefully you will have a positive experience with your faith group.

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