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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Adaptive Technology

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Adaptive Technology/Computers

Computer Technology Training

Financial Asistance / Funding




Q: Are there any telephone services available for individuals with speech disabilities that do not require TTY (text telephone) devices?

Adaptive Technoloyg/Computers

Q: My son used a trackball and more recently a pressure pad to interface with his computer. He is a quadripeligic and holds a pencil with an eraser tipped end to work the trackball or pressure pad. We have looked at other types of computer adaptive equipment such as head devices and speech recognition, however, he found his method easier to use. Recently, we needed to replace the pressure pad and found that it had been taken off the market. We have searched everywhere for either a trackball or pressure pad but have not been able to find one that will work for him. The new trackballs on the market are mounted on the the side and no manufacturer is making a stand alone pressure pad. Where can we locate either a trackball or pressure pad?

Q: I would like to have a personal computer at home for my use, are there any organizations or corporations that offer quality, inexpensive or free computer equipment to individuals with disabilities?

Q: Where can I find information for a special keyboard for my computer or other adaptive computer peripheral equipment or software?

Q: I cannot afford my ISP service. Do you know of free internet services for people with disabilities?

Computer Technology Training

Q: I am interested in learning more about computer and Internet technology, where may I go to learn about basic computer and Internet skills? Are there training programs available that incorporate adaptive technology?



Financial Assistance / Funding

Q: Are there any assistance programs offered on a federal or state level that offer funding for assistive technology (AT)?

Q: I need special equipment to use the telephone, but I do not have the money to buy the equipment. Do you know where I can get financial assistance to purchase this type of equipment?


Q: I am interested in learning more about products and technologies that will allow me to live more independently; where can I go to get this information?


Q: What can I do if the wheelchair I bought this year stops working?

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