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State Listings

New Jersey

New Sign Social Skills Training Project is a fee for service company that utilizes a primarily cognitive-behavioral approach to teach social skills to children, adolescents, and adults who have social-communication difficulties. These difficulties may include autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, and other psychiatric conditions or learning disabilities that may be associated with social difficulties. Their goals are to provide relevant social skill instruction that will generalize into daily routines, to make socializing fun so that students want to socialize and to help "typical" peers and professionals become more understanding, accepting, and engaging of those with social difficulties. For more information on the locations of their clinics, visit their website above or send mail to Jed Baker, Ph.D., 29 Collinwood Road, Maplewood, New Jersey 07040 or send e-mail to: jandbbaker@aol.com.

New York

New Sign Spectrum Social Skills Solutions, Inc is a fee based service company that is committed to better the quality of life for individuals with social skills deficits. They offer interpersonal and social skills seminars for children ages 6-18 as well as young adults. These seminars may help those who have Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, PDD, ADD, anxiety / depression, difficulty with assertion, bullying, self confidence, engaging in conversation, or lack of friends. Spectrum Social Skills Solutions Inc. does offer a free parent support group. For more information, contact Spectrum Social Skills Solutions, Inc., 38 Winthrop Place, Staten Island, New York 10314, Phone: (347) 944-5900 or send Email to: help@spectrumsocialskills.com

North Carolina

TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children) is located at the University of North Carolina. The TEACCH approach includes a focus on the person with autism and the development of a program around this person's skills, interests, and needs. The major priorities include centering on the individual, understanding autism, adopting appropriate adaptations, and a broadly-based intervention strategy building on existing skills and interests. By focusing on the individual they mean that the person is the priority, rather than any philosophical notion like inclusion, discrete trial training, facilitated communication, etc. We emphasize individualized assessment to understand the individual better and also "the culture of autism," suggesting that people with autism are part of a distinctive group with common characteristics that are different, but not necessarily inferior, to the rest of us. The TEACCH mission is to:

TEACCH provides Supported Employment Services: contact - Mike Chapman at 919-966-8194 and Early Intervention Services: contact - Susan Boswell at 919-966-7003 or Beth Reynolds at 919-966-4885. TEACH has Regional Centers throughout North Carolina. For general information about the TEACCH program, please call them at (919) 966-2174, fax at (919) 966-4127, or send email to TEACCH@unc.edu

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