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Information: Learning Disabilities

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What is a Learning Disability?


People with learning disabilities can have issues with one, or several of the following:

For more on the types of learning disabilities, visit Learning Disability Association

What are the causes of Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities may occur concomitantly with other handicapping conditions (e.g. sensory impairment, mental retardation, social and emotional disturbance) or environmental influences (e.g. cultural differences, insufficient/inappropriate instruction, psychogenic factors) but is not caused by these factors. People with learning disabilities are often of average or above average intelligence, yet there appears to be a gap between the individual's potential or age level and actual achievement.

From Wikipedia Learning Disability page the following causes are cited. "The causes for learning disabilities are not well understood, and sometimes there is no apparent cause for a learning disability. However, some causes of neurological impairments include:

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What are the characteristics of Learning Disabilities?

There are many categories of Learning Disabilities and each is unique. The term Learning Disabilities is a broad term to identify this group of specific disabilities. For more on each of the specific learning disabilities, see the following website Learning Disabilities Association of America

What are the statistics regarding Learning Disabilities?




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Needs and Solutions

On-Line Discussion

Visit our NHU Community Forum on Learning Disabilities for more insights, awareness, viewpoints, experiences, needs and solutions.

More Information

Organizations that provide information about learning disabilities:


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For more on the topic of Learning Disabilities .

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