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Education: Post Secondary Education

Disability Friendly Colleges and Universities

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The following state colleges and universities have been recognized for going above and beyond in providing services and accommodations for students with disabilities. Please evaluate the offerings of each college carefully to determine if your unique needs will be met by any particular college. Prosepctive students are strongly encouraged to tour the campus and set up a meeting with the student accommodation office prior to applying.

State Listings


Arizona State University via their Disability Resource Center provides informational links to General Information, Disability Programs, Services, Faculty Resources, Student Handbook, Vocational Rehabilation, DRS Policies and Procedures, Scientific Visualization and Disability Related Resources. They offer several programs that include Program for Physical Disabilities, Program for Blind/Visual Disabilities, Program for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Program for Mental Health Disabilities, Program for Acquired Brain Injury, and Program for Other/Hidden Disabilities. Services include In-class Testing Accommodations, Note Taking, Reading Services, Alternative Print Format, American Sign Language and Oral Interpreting, Mobility Resources, Lab Accommodations, and TRIO Student Support Services.


Citrus College is a two year community college located in Glendoa, California. Their Disabled Students Programs and Services offers a comprehensive program of support services, as well as accessible facilities to meet the individual needs of each student. Services include adapted physical education, adapted computer technology, adapted testing, campus referral, counseling and advising, instructor liaison, learning disabilities program, notetaker service, reader service, referral to community agencies, registration assistance, and sign language interpreting. For more information, call (626) 914-8675 or e-mail dsp&s@citruscollege.edu.

Disabled Students Programs and Services at College of Marin located in Kentfield, California, offers a number of opportunities for individuals with physical, learning, psychological or communication disabilities. Learning is made possible by utilizing many in-class support services such as readers, notetakers, books on tape, interpreters, time extensions on tests and liaison with instructors. They also offer specialized equipment and learning aids including large print materials, print magnification machines and wheelchairs for use on-campus. Additionally, the computer center provides cognitive retraining, learning skills development, and adaptive computer technology. Their website features a newsletter, DisPatches and several useful links for the disabled community. For more information about these programs and services, call (415) 485-9406.

San Joaquin Delta College Disabled Student Services located in Stockton, California provides support to students with physical, communication, learning and developmental disabilities in both on and off campus programs. The college offers services for individuals that are deaf that include specialized classes, notetaker services and interpreting services. They also provide special education classes when necessary and offer a learning disability program. For more information, visit the website or call the admissions office at (209) 954-5628.

University of California at Berkeley, Disabled Students' Program offers a substantial number of unique services for students with disabilities. They offer a number of assistive technology devices, notetakers, interpreters, adapted class materials and also make necessary accommodations so to provide the most productive learning environment. The university also offers a unique residency program for students with physical disabilities. This program teaches these students the independent living skills necessary to be successful throughout college and in life. The rooms offered to the students are fully accessible, but are still incorporated into buildings with non-disabled students. The students also have the opportunity to hire a personal assistant. The website features a section about financial aid and scholarships available to students with disabilities as well as a comprehensive directory of links to other disability-related websites. For more information about this nationally recognized program, visit their website or call (510) 642-0518 (Voice) or (510) 642-6376 (TTY).

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) via their Disability Resource Center assists students with disabilities in achieving access to higher education and to promote ongoing personal and educational success. The DRC Office provides information and supportive services to Cal Poly students. Their website contains links to The Advocate, Assessment Guidelines, Code of Ethics, Faculty Resources, FAQ and more.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Division of Rehabilitation-Education Services offers one of the best programs in the United States for students with varying disabilities. They offer multiple services aimed at encouraging full participation in campus life. Just a few of the non-academic services they offer include transitional housing for students in need of personal assistance, adapted athletics, on-campus transportation services, physical therapy and functional training, and much more. Their academic services include interpreters, notetakers, text conversion, assistive communication and technology devices, and much more. Their website features a handbook designed to acquaint students with the many services offered. For more information, visit their website or call (217) 333-4603.


Beacon College is a nationally accredited 4-year degree program designed exclusively for students with learning disabilities and ADHD. They offer 6 degree programs, including Business Management, Computer Information Systems, Human Services, Interdisciplinary Studies, Psychology and Studio Arts. Beacon offers small class sizes and personalized attention, individualized academic mentoring and support services such as life coaching and occupational therapy.


University of Maine offers the Onward Program for students with physical and learning disabilities. Some of the services provided by this program include advising, readers, recorders, tutors as needed, taped texts, classroom relocation, mediation and advocacy and many more. For more information about this program, visit their website or call (207) 581-2319 (Voice) or (207) 581-2311 (TDD).


Disability Services at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities offer many services and programs to assist individuals with disabilities achieve their greatest potential. The office first assesses each individual's needs to determine which services would be of benefit. Services provided include sign language interpreting, assistive listening devices, captioned videos, document conversion, and assistive computer technology. The University is also involved in a number of research and development projects that include Careers On-Line, Project LEEDS: Leadership Education to Empower Disabled Students, Career Connections, and Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) Liaison. Furthermore, they strive to adapt teaching strategies to various disability types and levels. For more information about enrolling in the University, visit their website or call (612) 624-4037 (V/TTY).

Southwest State University, located in Marshall, Minnesota, offers many services to students with disabilities. Such services include physical therapy, adaptive physical education, intercollegiate wheelchair basketball, wheelchair and adaptive device services, as well as academic assistance which includes test proctoring, texts-on-tape, interpreter services, hearing screening, speech therapy and equipment resources. Attendant care is also made available to those students living on campus. For more information, call (507) 537-7021.

New Jersey

Fairleigh Dickinson University offers the Regional Center for College Students with Learning Disabilities. The center was established at FDU as one of four regional centers funded by the State of New Jersey Commission on Higher Education to provide services to college students with learning disabilities. FDU offers both Associate and Bachelor degree programs, in majors ranging from accounting to art, engineering to education, communications to computer science. For more information, contact the Metropolitan Campus at 1000 River Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666, (201) 692-2000 or the College at Florham, 285 Madison Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940, (973) 443-8500.


Edinboro University of Pennsylvania offers a number of services to students through their Office for Students with Disabilities. Personal student academic aides are available, as well as adapted computer labs, a life skills center, an athletic training room, lift-equipped vans, a learning disabilities study lab, a wheelchair maintenance shop and attendant care including meal aides and personal care attendants. The university also offers occupational therapy services that are designed to maximize each student's independence by teaching independent living skills. Working with a therapist will ensure the student receives, or has access to, necessary assistive and adaptive technologies. Edinboro also offers Rolling Scot Athletics, which provides students with disabilities an opportunity to compete while socializing with other students. For more information about these services and many more, visit their website or call (814) 732-2761.


Landmark College is one of the only accredited colleges in the United States designed exclusively for students with dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), or other specific learning disabilities. Landmark offers a two-year liberal arts degree program. For more information, call (802) 387-6718 or e-mail admissions@landmark.edu.


College Bound is a summer orientation program designed by Virginia Tech to help students address such questions as: "What accommodations do I need to be successful in college?" - "Do the colleges I'm interested in offer this assistance?" - "What type of college best serves my needs and interests?" - "How do I access these services? The two day program will increase your knowledge of the accommodation process, assistive technologies, leadership skills, and other exciting aspects of college life. College Bound is open to rising high school juniors, seniors, and entering college freshmen. You do not need to be planning to attend college in Virginia to attend. For more information, call (540) 231-5499.


University of Washington Disabilities, Opportunities, Interworking, and Technology (DO-IT) Program offers a number of programs for students with disabilities. One such program is DO-IT CAREERS (Careers, Academics, Research, Experiential Education and Relevant Skills). This project is designed to increase the number of students with disabilities benefiting from cooperative education, internships, service learning and other programs that offer real work experience. Their website features many resources, as well as educational and career planning tools offering advice on funding strategies, college survival skills, transitioning to college, and much more. For more information about the many programs offered by the University of Washington, visit their website or e-mail doit@u.washington.edu.

West Virginia

Glenville State College Office of Student Disabilities Services offers students with disabilities the opportunity to work with a coordinator so that their individual needs can be accommodated. Services that are offered include tutoring, reader services, taped text, note taking, test proctoring and accommodation, as well as liaison with the faculty. In addition to these services, they also offer adaptive equipment for computer use. Glenville also provides specialized training to their faculty and staff so that they are sensitive to and fully capable of meeting each individual's needs. For more information, visit their website.


Shepherds College supports people with intellectual disabilities to reach their potential. This can be achieved through the combination of life skills development, in-depth training in a specialty vocation and supported independent living on campus. For more information, contact Shepherds College, 1805 15th Avenue, Union Grove, WI 53182-1597 or send e-mail to info@shepherdscollege.org

University of Wisconsin Madison, McBurney Disability Resource Center offers a number of services to accommodate each student's individual needs. One such service is the peer mentor program, which offers a number of helpful workshops on education. The center will also outline accommodations necessary for each student, and will work with professors to make certain the accommodations are being provided. The campus also offers paratransit services for students with physical disabilities. The Resource Center website features the McBurney Center handbook, which outlines the services provided, a very helpful frequently asked questions section, as well as a directory of links to several disability-related websites. For more information about the opportunities at UW-Madison, visit their website or call (608) 263-2741 (Voice) or (608) 263-6393 (TTY).

University of Wisconsin, Whitewater Disabled Student Services develops specialized services to provide students with disabilities complete access to all academic programs as well as to facilitate personal growth anddevelopment. Their web site has links that include Directory, Vocational Services, Newsletter, SAS, Campus Accessibility, Wheelchair Athletics and Recreation, UW-Whitewater Home, and Disability Link Index.

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