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Amputation/Limb Differences: Support Groups and Organizations

New Horizons Un-limited is not endorsing and assumes no responsibility in guaranteeing the products, services, programs or conditions as described. If you are interested in a resource listed below, call or contact the resource to verify the current situation. Evaluate the information, analyze your unique circumstances, use your best judgment and make your own decisions when using the information. Before making any change, consult your health care professional.

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Active Amp is an on-line connection for amputees with an active lifestyle. Via their website they offer an amputee sports directory with many sports and activities including fishing, sled hockey, sailing, skateboarding and many more. The site also includes an entire guide on information on prosthetics and technology, geared toward allowing the amputee to understand the products that are available and to make informed decisions. Also included is a listing of toys and tools that aid in maintaining an active lifestlye, general resource listings and a special section for children amputees.

Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) is a national, non-profit amputee consumer educational organization representing people who have experienced amputation or are born with limb differences. They have an informative website offering an information center on limb loss, helpful publications and resources, and a peer support area. To learn more about the coalition, visit their website, call (888) AMP-KNOW (267-5669), or e-mail NLLICinfo@amputee-coalition.org.

Amputee Empowerment Partners (AEP) e-community is a free resource for individuals to connect and discuss a variety of topics related to the life of amputees. AEP e-community provides many different resources, information, guidance, and perspective on issues related to limb loss and limb deficiencies for patients, families, care-givers, co-workers and friends. They have a forum where amputees may share their story, ask questions, or discuss issues related to amputees. Amputee Empowerment Partners; providing encouragement, support and help to those who need a little nudge getting over the hurdles.

National Amputation Foundation provides legal counsel, vocational guidance and placement, social activities, liaison with outside groups, psychological aid, and training in the use of prosthetic devices. For more information on how this association can help you, call (516) 887-3600.

United Amputee Services Association (UASA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping amputees across the nation live a fulfilling life with dignity and independence. The association was chosen by the Barr Foundation to implement and run the Barr/United Amputee Assistance Fund (BUAAF). A major thrust of BUAAF is providing financial assistance to amputees that have no other source of funding. For more information, write to them at P.O. Box 4277, Winter Park, FL 32793-4277, or call (407) 359-5500.

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Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation (MAAF) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), service organization devoted to providing peer-level support and information to individuals who have undergone, or are about to undergo, amputation surgery in the Los Angeles area. MAAF's objective is to help alleviate the fears and anxieties associated with amputation surgery, to counsel new amputees and answer their questions, and to provide encouragement and useful information as the new amputee resumes an active and productive life. MAAF members meet each month, alternately in Culver City, Van Nuys, and Torrance. Meetings are on Saturdays and start at noon. Each meeting includes a roundtable discussion, a program by a guest speaker, and plenty of time for one-on-one conversation and networking. Call (877) 267-8828 for the latest meeting information.

Stumps 'R Us is a non-profit, California-based educational and recreational corporation dedicated to "bringing together amputees of any description and their loved ones to learn from each other, exchange information, explore ongoing state-of-the-art technology and share growth, humor and personal experiences." Their website features a guest book in which visitors can share their stories, a joke board, a newsletter and a number of links to other helpful resources. They also offer a number of recreational events throughout the year. For more information, visit their website.


GOLDen Children - Greater Orlando Limb Differences is a Central Florida social community and support group for families with children who have limb differences (congenital or amputee). The group is open to families who live in the Central Florida area (including Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Lake, Osceola, and Brevard Counties).


New Sign On This Leg serving Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. See article in Wisconsin


Helping Hands Foundation is a non-profit foundation of parents with children with upper limb differences and offer support to the children and his or her family in facing the challenges of upper limb differences. Located in Mdfield, Maine.


Northern Nevada Amputee Support Group is a non-profit organization serving the Reno/Sparks Area and Northern Nevada. They offer monthly meetings to encourage the sharing of each individual's ideas, thoughts and feelings. They also offer a Prosthetic Assistance Fund, sports and recreation information, as well as several special events each year. Their website also features an informative quarterly newsletter. For more information, contact this group at 3985 Warren Way, Reno, Nevada 89509 or call (775) 828-0885.


Amputee Support Group is located at the Zablocki VA Med. Center, 5000 West National Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53295. To contact them, call (414) 384-2000.

New Sign On This Leg is a new amputee support group. They are open to people with all kinds of amputation or people with a limb difference; individuals who are contemplating an amputation; members of an amputee's support system such as spouses and significant others, friends and family; people who work with, or on behalf of, amputees, including PTs, OTs, and prosthetists; and people who have a genuine interest in the life of amputees. Meeting in Paddock Lake, Wisconsin, targeting the state line area of Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois, they expect members to come from East Troy, Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, Waukegan, McHenry and all parts between and beyond. Please help spread the word about this new group by printing their flier and distributing it, or posting it where permitted. For more information, visit their website at the link above, phone 1-262-220-3306 or send e-mail to: OnThisLeg@gmail.com

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