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Review a Resource provides a place for you to share a favorite resource with others from the NHU community. Entries will be reviewed and may be added to our Community and Internet Resources or Library and Research sections each month. Some information you provide may also be used in general terms on our NHU Community Forum or in reference on our Frequently Asked Questions.

Please understand that there are many individuals that may be experiencing similar circumstances as you. Each of you may know of a resource that may help others work out solutions to their problems and questions. Please SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, so that everyone in the NHU Community may benefit. If each person would take a little and each person would give a little, the collective sharing of knowledge would make a significant difference for all of us.

For an outline of what to include in a Resource Evaluation, please consider our guide on Researching and Writing Resource Evaluations for NHU. Then read and agree to the terms below, fill out the form and submit it to us. Thank you for sharing your time and talent!

General Writing Rules and Terms

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Writing Resource Evaluations for NHU

If you agree to all of the rules, terms and liability disclaimer written above. Please fill the following information and press the SUBMIT button. Please type in "I Agree: in the appropriate box. All fields are required. Thank you again for Sharing Your Knowledge with the community!

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If you have questions or ideas, information and solutions that you would like to share with us, contact us by e-mail at:
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