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Recreation: Fitness and Exercise

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National Center on Physical Activity and Disability works to promote the health benefits that can be gained by people with disabilities from participating in regular physical activity. Their website offers information and resources including guidelines to consider before beginning an exercise regimen as well as fact sheets on many popular games, recreational activities, and sports that have been adapted to allow people with disabilities to participate as fully as possible. Their site also features searchable databases, documents, and discussion groups, all providing up-to-date information that can help people with disabilities lead more physically fit lives. For more information, call (800) 900-8086 (Voice/TTY) or e-mail ncpad@uic.edu.

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Helen M. Galvin Center for Health and Fitness, located on the Chicago Campus of Northwestern University, is specifically designed for those with physical disabilities. The center offers the full range of equipment, selected for its universal use by ambulatory as well as participants using wheelchairs. To learn more about becoming a member, call the center at (312) 908-4292 (phone).


Courage Center offers a variety of accessible fitness activities, including one-on-one exercise programs, fitness and pool classes, independent exercise, personal training, wellness programs, nutrition and weight loss programs, and community swim programs. They also offer several fully accessible fitness centers. For more information, call (866) 426-3426.


Show Me Aquatics and Fitness is a warm water aquatic center offering a barrier-free environment for people with physical disabilities to participate in therapy and exercise. Water exercise allows for a freedom of movement not possible on land, particularly for those with physical disabilities and yields low-impact, injury-free exercise. For more information, call (636) 896-0999, e-mail showmeaquatics@showmeaquatics.org or visit the facility at 118 Diekamp Lane in St. Charles, Missourri.

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Active Living Alliance for Canadians with Disabilities has a mission to "promote inclusion and active living lifestyles of Canadians with disabilities by facilitating communication and collaboration among organizations, agencies, and individuals." Their website features information on becoming and staying physically active, information relating to healthy living, and much fitness-related news. Visit their website for more information.

Steadward Centre for Personal and Physical Achievement, located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada offers both regular and short-term programs for individuals with physical disabilities. The three regular programs offered include Adult Fitness and Lifestyle Program (AFLP), Stretch n' Tone, and the Free Weight Training Program. The short-term programs combine workshops, seminars, six-week exercise classes and special events, to provide variety and education in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. For more information, call (780) 492-3182 or e-mail info@steadwardcentre.org.

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