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  Summer  2016                                                                                        Volume  13,  Edition  2


NHU Outlook Newsletter is published quarterly by New Horizons Un-Limited Inc. (NHU), a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization based in Milwaukee with a mission to make information and life experiences more accessible to people with lifelong disabilities, their families and caregivers.  Our programs are made possible through the generous contributions of our community partners, member and donor families and many in-kind donors.  To contribute to New Horizons Un-Limited, see page 4.   

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“Somebody said that it couldn’t be done,  

but he with a chuckle replied

that “maybe it couldn’t,”

but he would be one,  

who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.”

                                                                                        ---     Edgar Albert Guest



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NHU 2016 

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New Horizons Un-Limited – 2016Prevention of Disabilities



Given the rise in the past decade of lifelong, incurable, disabilities, such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy, and the great cost to our children, families, and society, as a nation and part of the global community, we know we must broaden research to find the causes to prevent them. NHU is committed to advocate for definitive data collection for research to find the causes to prevent disabilities.


Every year 127,000 more children and their families are impacted in the U.S.  Each year, 75 to 120 billion dollars is transferred to our future national debt.

If disability has not happened to you or your family, with these odds, it could happen tomorrow; we cannot afford  to delay!


We must care enough and work NOW to ensure a bright future for all children!


Although we do not know all causes for these developmental disabilities, there is much we do know about risk factors and that a significant percent of these disabilities may be preventable. Data about birth is difficult to obtain, however, if data is not collected, any statements regarding cause of disability is opinion or guess and not research based science.


We have been writing the World Health Organization, Departments of Health and Human Services, the National Center for Health Statistics, and their health partners, to update the data collection before, during and after birth on the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth in accordance with medical research needs.


This is a first step, Call for Action for better measures and coordination of data sources across agencies to strengthen data systems and to guide more strategic, responsive and effective policies, research, programs, and interventions.


Prevention of disability without first scientifically, accurately and efficiently collecting data will be impossible for this and unknown future lifetimes.


In addition, NHU is taking steps to make all of us more aware of our role in protecting the unborn, more education for a quality standard of health for parents and newborns, to ensure at the very minimum, a safe entrance to life for each and every child born. We have a vision for each child to realize their maximum potential without unnecessary devastating limitations from disabilities!  


Visit our NHU Report at:  

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May – June – July       NHU Volunteer Opportunities!!


To sign up for volunteer opportunities, call (414) 299-0124 or e-mail

NHU volunteers are reimbursed up to $16.00 per month for your parking or transportation.

Report your volunteer hours to NHU on-line


Join the Fun!



13th Annual NHU Benefit Golf Outing

June 1, 2016

Hawk’s View Golf Club

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


View our on-line registration form at:


Golf Outing Sponsors Needed!

Believe in all the good You can provide our

community members with disabilities via your sponsorship participation of our golf outing.


Advertise Your Company by Becoming a Tee Sponsor for our NHU Golf Outing!

Your logo and company name will be advertised in our event program, Tee location, NHU newsletters and website.


Market Your Company, Offer a Golfer Gift

Provide a golfer gift with your company logo/name

for our 120 participants.  Hats, towels, pens, cups, cozies, etc. are some of the many ideas.  Please contact us two weeks in advance to arrange your donation.


Donate to Our Raffle or Silent Auction

We are always looking for unique items.  Your contribution will be acknowledged in our digital presentation, a table sign and event program.  Please call us at least one week in advance.


For sponsorship details see our golf brochure at:





Purchase Scrip Gift Certificates from NHU

Are you planning purchases for Father’s Day, the lucky graduate, summer lawn and garden supplies? Groceries, gas, movies, fast food, restaurants, and retailers are available.  


Scrip orders are due:  Thursday, May 26, 2016


Purchase scrip gift cards thru NHU, redeemable for the exact amount you pay for them.  The retailer passes the discount savings (percentage listed next to each retailer on the order form) to NHU.  We deliver your order to you in 10 days.  Printable NHU Scrip order form at 


Fill out and send your order form and your check or money order to NHU.




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Receive Free Flower Bulbs!



Send Us a Photo of Your Garden!


By planting flower bulbs each year,

you have created your spectacular garden

while supporting opportunities for community

members with disabilities through NHU.


This spring,

 while your garden is still blooming,

take a photo, and e-mail it to us today!


Photos will be featured anonymously on our

NHU Facebook page and our fall newsletter

and you will receive a set of free daffodils

with your 2016 Fall Flower Bulb order.


E-mail your photo to:




Respite in the Out-of-Doors!


Cabin outside best


Harrington Beach Accessible Cabin

Opens for Its First Full Camping Season


How much does this cabin mean to families faced with the challenge of disability?  Visit the comments from campers at:

Sign up a family member with a disability to experience the out of doors this season at:


Sunday, June 5, 2016 - Wisconsin State Parks FREE ADMISSION DAY

Enjoy a FREE Pancake Breakfast at the Welcome Center from 8am – Noon

 (Donations are welcome to support the cabin.)


Directions:  Take Interstate 43 from Milwaukee 40 miles north to the Belgium, Wisconsin exit.





Giving back to your community…

has never been easier!


Here are some simple ways to give back to NHU!

Volunteers reach out and make a world of difference!!     For more information on volunteering,



NHU Wish List

Visit:  Make an in-kind donation of used equipment or make a donation for purchase of:

·         Windows 7 Licenses ($6 each)

·         Speaker sets ($2.50 each)

·         Desktop or Laptop computers (used)

·         Laptop power supplies ($15 each or used)

·         iPad or Android Tablets (used)

Make a secure on-line credit card donation via PayPal.  It’s free, secure and so easy! 

Visit and click the Donate icon.  Complete the online form to give back to your community!


Make a donation to NHU. 

Fill out the form included on the back page of this newsletter.  Make check payable to:


New Horizons Un-Limited


Questions?  Call NHU at (414) 299-0124




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Thank you to everyone who contributed to our 2016 Raffle and Silent Auction!


To check out our event donors, visit



Text Box: Please accept my contribution for NHU
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___ I would like to designate my contribution in memory of:

___ I would like for my gift to remain anonymous.  Do not include my name in any publication to acknowledge donors.

___I am interested in volunteering for NHU.  Please contact me.






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Your gift will ensure that our community members with disabilities

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will improve their lives!


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