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  Summer 2015                                                                              Volume 12,  Edition  2


NHU Outlook Newsletter is published quarterly by New Horizons Un-Limited Inc. (NHU), a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization based in Milwaukee with a mission to make information and life experiences more accessible to people with lifelong disabilities, their families and caregivers.  Our programs are made possible through the generous contributions of our community partners, member and donor families and many in-kind donors.  To contribute to New Horizons Un-Limited, see page 4.   

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“We should all be concerned with the future because we will have to spend

the rest of our lives there.”  -     Charles F. Kettering




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NHU Supports the Building of the Wheelchair Accessible Cabin for People with Disabilities at Harrington Beach State Park. 


The opportunity to respite in the outdoors helps individuals with disabilities and their families to become reinvigorated and helps us feel more alive, free and happy.  Outdoor adventures offer family members to bond in ways that may otherwise be more difficult and it is well known that nature offers good therapy from life’s stresses.  A camping cabin offers a low cost option for enjoying the outdoors for people with physical disabilities who require accessible amenities.


This Season Plan to Enjoy the Outdoors  with Your Family and Respite at a Wheelchair Accessible Cabin in the Wisconsin State Parks


If you or a family member has a physical disability and are in need of a break, book a stay at one of Wisconsin State Parks’ seven fully accessible cabins. Make reservations early; accessible cabins fill up fast.  For information and reservations, visit


For more information on more accessible outdoor opportunities, visit our website:

·         For Accessible Accommodations, visit

·         For Outdoor and Wilderness, visit

·         For Parks and Forests, visit




The Friends of Harrington Beach State Park plan to OPEN the

8th Wisconsin State Park Accessible Camping Cabin this summer!


Come celebrate, support and help realize this next cabin!


Sunday, June 7, 2015 - Wisconsin State Parks - FREE ADMISSION DAY


Enjoy a FREE Breakfast in the Park at the Welcome Center from 8am – Noon

Pancakes, sausages, applesauce and beverages will be available without charge.


Donations are welcome! The Friends Group is still accepting and in need of donations to finalize the Harrington Beach State Park Accessible Camping Cabin. 


After breakfast enjoy the beach, pond, hiking trails at this natural treasure.

Directions:  Take Interstate 43 from Milwaukee 40 miles north to the Belgium, Wisconsin exit and follow the signs to Harrington Beach State Park.






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May – June – July       NHU Volunteer Opportunities!!


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12th Annual NHU Benefit Golf Outing

June 3, 2015

Hawk’s View Golf Club

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


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Scrip orders are due:  Thursday, May 21, 2015


Purchase scrip gift cards thru NHU, redeemable for the exact amount you pay for them.  The retailer passes the discount savings (percentage listed next to each retailer on the order form) to NHU.  We deliver your order to you in 10 days.  Printable NHU Scrip order form at 


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  Advocacy Alert!  Wisconsin

Have you ever used Family Care, IRIS or an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) for yourself or to assist a family member with a disability

or an elderly family member to find care resources in the state of Wisconsin?


If you have had the need to use these programs either for yourself or a family member, you know of the thousands of elderly citizens and citizens with disabilities across the state that have benefitted from these programs; who have been able to get support to stay in their own homes, make independent decisions about who cares for them and live and work in their own communities rather than being placed in nursing homes.


The 2015-17 Biennial Budget of the Wisconsin State Legislature replaces this community support model with a private Health Care Management Insurance Company.  Unfortunately their plan has not been shared with the public, so families do not know what will happen to their present ability to live, work, or go to day care.


Families do not know if they will be able to care for their loved ones in their own homes or hire strangers or worse institutionalize them.


We congratulate Wisconsin State Representative Mark Born for his leadership for making a motion to remove the changes to IRIS, Family Care and the ADRC’s until DHS and stakeholders have some input into what will happen to them, their families, communities and the state under this new management.


If you were a young man with a severe disability, living in your own apartment, working in your community, you would not want to wake up one morning to find your caregivers who come just 3 times a day to assist you, will no longer help you get into your wheelchair so you can go to work and you will have to live in a nursing home. 


If you were an elderly woman, who no longer had a hip and used a wheelchair, you and your family would not want to learn that the person you interviewed, hired and now trust would no longer be able to care for you twice a day so you can stay in your own home, but you would have to go live in a nursing home.


These existing Wisconsin Long Term Care (LTC) programs were developed under the Governor Thompson administration.  With the input of legislators, care service providers, the DHS, and stakeholders, they were planned to remove 14,000 people off wait lists, out of nursing homes and allow them to live in their own homes, with community supports, in an effort to reduce the cost of LTC in Wisconsin and to alleviate the extra burden on families to research services and programs, the ADRC’s were designed for families to have a one stop place to assist them in finding and connecting them to the resources available in their communities.


These programs save the state millions of dollars by not having to build, maintain and care for people in LTC Facilities, no longer in existence and with the ADRC’s counseling 75-80% of people who call do not end up using LTC services, but find support in their communities.  Why are we changing a system that works well for more bureaucracy?


There are too many unknowns and questions to move forward with these drastic changes to Long Term Care. 


What will happen to those who wish to get community support and live in their own homes and work in their communities rather than living in nursing homes?  


The ADRC’s contract with local private entities.  Will people be able to keep their same doctors, medical professionals and other services?  What will happen to provider businesses and workers in the state? 


Who will audit the private insurance company?  If there is a safety concern, who will handle adult protective services and other questions as the ADRC’s do now? 


Please write your Representatives and Joint Finance Committee members, that you are concerned how these changes to Family Care, IRIS and the ADRC’s will affect you, your family and your community.  For more information and links, visit



Breaking News!!! Removing Proposed Wisconsin Budget reductions to Long Term Care Programs

After we had published our article on the proposed Wisconsin Budget reductions to the long term care programs of IRIS, Family Care and the ADRC services, the Wisconsin Legislature has issued an announcement that the Republican leaders on the Joint Finance Committee rejected Governor Walker's proposed long term care changes, although pursuing limited reforms with strong legislative oversight. See the May 14, 2015 Wisconsin Legislature Announcement.

As the Survival Coaltion of Wisconsin Disabilitiy Organizations states, Wisconsin families and citizens with disabilities can be relieved that the plan the Joint Finance Committee is implementing will require public and stakeholder input before any changes are made, but they are concerned as the proposal does not guarantee that the current highly rated Family Care and IRIS programs will remain in place. These programs have saved hundreds of millions of dollars for the state over the past decade and will continue to do so in the next. - See the Survival Coalition of Wisconsin Disability Organizations letter of May 15, 2015

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