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  Spring  2016                                                                                                     Volume  13,  Edition  1


NHU Outlook Newsletter is published quarterly by New Horizons Un-Limited Inc. (NHU), a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization based in Milwaukee with a mission to make information and life experiences more accessible to people with lifelong disabilities, their families and caregivers.  Our programs are made possible through the generous contributions of our community partners, member and donor families and many in-kind donors.  To contribute to New Horizons Un-Limited, see page 4.   

To learn more about NHU, visit our website at or send us an e-mail at    



“Somebody said that it couldn’t be done,  But he with a chuckle replied

That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one,  Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.”

                                                                                        ---     Edgar Albert Guest



In this newsletter:


NHU 2016 

     What’s on the Horizon?

·         What Can YOU Do?

·         NHU Wish List


NHU Salutes

·      Our 2015 Volunteers!


NHU 2016 

    Volunteer Opportunities!


·      14th NHU March Benefit Raffle and Silent Auction!


·      Save the June 1st Date!

    13th NHU Benefit Golf Outing!


·         Spring Scrip Orders!


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·         Contribute to our 2015-16 Annual Appeal


NHU Outlook Newsletter

published quarterly by:


New Horizons Un-Limited Inc.

811 E. Wisconsin Avenue,

Suite 937

Milwaukee, WI   53202

(414) 299-0124


New Horizons Un-Limited – 2016 – What’s on the Horizon?



If you are looking for an organization that offers people opportunity, yet requires people to commit and invest in one’s self, then NHU is the kind of organization with which you want to be associated. 


We vision the guarantee that our communities’ citizens with disabilities have the same opportunities to participate in the mainstream of American life; to enjoy employment opportunities, have the opportunity to purchase goods and services and to participate in local and state programs and services.  There are many things we could be doing, now, to ensure a bright future for all of us.  


NHU is committed to provide our communities’ members with disabilities the information, tools and experiences that encourage lifelong learning and service, and enable them with the opportunity to be confident, contributing citizens.


We believe that fulfillment can be achieved in many different ways and at every stage of life.  As such, we offer a range of opportunities for people to invest in themselves and to keep citizens with disabilities moving forward in their lives.  Our communities’ citizens accept the challenge to invest in themselves!


What Can YOU Do?


Be willing to get involved, volunteer to assist in Advocacy, Accessibility Research, or Computer Distribution or Training.  Tell others about our programs.


Purchase gift certificates, join us for our Spring NHU Benefit Event, participate in our June NHU Benefit Golf Outing, purchase Fall Flower Bulbs, contribute to our NHU Annual Appeal or make an in-kind donation from our…..


   NHU Wish List


Make an in-kind donation of used equipment or make a donation for purchase of:


·         Desktop or Laptop computers (used) 

·         Laptop power supplies ($15 each or used)

·         iPad or Android Tablets (used)                           

·         Speaker sets ($12.50 each)


Join the conversation!  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  (see page 2)  




Spring  2016                                      NHU  Outlook                                            Page 2




NHU Salutes Our 2015 Volunteers and Interns!


These 2015 volunteers have reached the following milestones in hours of service!


1400 hours                                              900 hours                                             1200 hours

    Sean - refurbishing computers                  Fred - refurbishing computers                            Arlene - admin, research


We would also like to specially thank our interns:          


Paul H.– admin, marketing   Michael – refurbishing computers   Phil – admin, marketing, research, fundraising



Volunteers reach out and make a world of difference!!


Doris – admin, fundraising                         Mike O. – fundraising                                           Bradley - admin

Naomi - fundraising                                  Mike G. - fundraising                                Karen – admin

Liz – research                                           Scott W. – fundraising                              Linda S. – admin

Lavinia – fundraising                                 Ruth – fundraising                                    Linda B. – admin

Emily - fundraising                                   Jeff – fundraising                                     Leola – admin

Stephin – computer setup                         Rebecca – fundraising                              Tony - admin

Wa – fundraising                                      Lisa - fundraising                                      Sajrine - admin

Scott U. – research, blog                          Halli – fundraising                                     Jenny - admin


For more information on volunteering, visit:



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We would like to hear from you!

Please e-mail us at:



Spring  2016                                              NHU  Outlook                                            Page 3


February – March – April      NHU Volunteer Opportunities!!


To sign up for volunteer opportunities, call (414) 299-0124 or e-mail

NHU volunteers are reimbursed up to $8.00 per week for your parking or up to $9.00 per week for your transportation.

Report your volunteer hours to NHU on-line



14th Annual NHU Benefit

Raffle and Silent Auction

March 23-24, 2016

US Bank Center Galleria


Contact us to volunteer prior to the day of our event!


Ask if area businesses would contribute an item to

our March 2016 Annual NHU Benefit Raffle/Silent Auction.  Download our volunteer letter at:


Ask family and friends to purchase raffle tickets in support of NHU and a chance to win a great prize.


For prizes, how to purchase tickets, and our raffle ticket order form, visit:





13th Annual NHU Benefit

Golf Outing  -  June 1, 2016

Hawk’s View – Comos Crossing


While we hope that you will be able to join us for our 2016 Annual NHU Benefit Golf Outing and a day of golf,

there are many ways in which you can get involved or volunteer for our golf outing.


Talk to the golfer in your life to see if they would be interested in attending!


Talk to a business in your area to be a golf sponsor or donate a gift for our raffle or silent auction!


View information about our June NHU Benefit Golf Outing at the Hawk’s View Golf Club, Comos Crossing Golf Course, Lake Geneva at:




Purchase Scrip Gift Certificates from NHU


Spring Gift Ideas!!!  Are you planning a trip over spring break or a special Easter dinner?  

Gas, hotel, restaurant or retail gift cards and certificates are available! 

Consider a gift card donation to our Spring NHU Benefit Silent Auction!


Scrip orders are due:  Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Purchase gift cards thru NHU, redeemable for the exact amount you pay for each card,

the retailer passes the discount savings (percentage listed for each retailer on the order form) on to NHU. 

We deliver in 10 to 14 days.


To place your scrip order with NHU, print the NHU Scrip order form at


Then, fill out and send your order form and your check or money order to NHU.




 Spring 2016                                            NHU Outlook                                             Page 4



Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our 2015-16 Annual Appeal!  It is not too late!


YOU can make a difference!  Be an NHU supporter throughout the year, visit



Text Box: Please accept my contribution for NHU
in support of our community
members with disabilities:

   ___ $500 ___ $250 ___ $100 ___ $50     Other $ ____ 

   Name: 					__
   Address: 					__

   City 			State: 		 Zip: _____
   Phone: 					__

___ I would like to designate my contribution in memory of:

___ I would like for my gift to remain anonymous.  Do not include my name in any publication to acknowledge donors.

___I am interested in volunteering for NHU.  Please contact me.


--New Horizons Un-Limited Outlook--



Your gift will ensure that our community members with disabilities

are given access to the opportunities that

will improve their lives!


Make check payable to New Horizons Un-Limited

and send to:


New Horizons Un-Limited Inc.

811 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 937

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202