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About NHU: Our Programs

Access Information

NHU Website NHU provides individuals with disabilities and their family / caregivers, information on resources and programs that can improve their lives. Via our Access Information Program we have developed and continue to make available:

  • A comprehensive website, that receives 1.2 million page views from 83 countries, covering all the issues and problems faced in every stage of life

  • Personalized information and referral to individuals facing unique problems and need assistance in locating available resources and programs

  • Guides to solving major common problems faced by many, such as housing, employment, live-in aides, financial planning, etc.

  • A discussion board to share common experiences, share solutions to specific problems, and begin to develop a common voice in areas where existing policies and programs are creating greater obstacles and problems

    Computer Access

    A Satisfied Computer Recipient NHU works to improve access to otherwise unaffordable computer technology. By having access to a computer in one's home, individuals will be provided with access to information, a means of communication, and many other opportunities, such as improving employment skills. Via our Computer Access Program we offer:

  • A grant program that provides refurbished, Windows XP, Internet-ready computer workstations to low-income applicants with disabilities for use in their homes

  • Ongoing technical support to ensure the computers remain useful for many years to come

    Computers are donated by corporate partners, are repaired by volunteer technicians and installed with a genuine, deeply discounted Windows XP Operating System.

    Computer Literacy

    Clare Court Computer Workshop NHU works to ensure that our community members with disabilities gain the necessary basic computer skills they need to make use of our information network and have access to the opportunities that can promote personal growth and lifelong fulfillment. Via our Computer Literacy Program we offer:

  • A two-day Introduction to Computers Workshop that provides a basic overview of computer functions as well as Internet and e-mail usage to individuals with disabilities

  • Tutorials that individuals may use to further improve their skills while using their computers in their homes

  • Customizable training via computer labs established at partner community organizations

  • Traveling computer workshops that provide training opportunities to otherwise isolated individuals

    Employment Skills Development

    A Volunteer Hard At Work NHU provides meaningful volunteer work experiences and training to assist individuals in preparing for an entry-level career in Office Administration or Information Technology as well as prepare them for the possibility of working from home.

    We believe the work force of tomorrow will be more heavily Information Technology based and provide more opportunity for telecommuting, providing individuals with disabilities a greater opportunity to contribute, given their difficulties with reliable transportation and other daily challenges. Via our Employment Skills Development Program, we offer:

  • A volunteer work program within NHU that provides individuals with opportunities to gain work skills, improve self-confidence, and gain experience of working in an office environment

  • A computer refurbishing program through which we provide individuals an opportunity to learn how to diagnose, repair, maintain and support computers

    Disabled Veteran Support

    Providing information and opportunities to Veterans with disabilities and their families so that they may adjust to and thrive in this new reality as a disabled American. Via our Disabled Veterans Support Program we provide:

  • An online resource that provides information on close to 40 organizations that offer support on a national basis in areas such as benefits assistance, employment, financial assistance, home ownership, and mental wellness, among others.

  • Grants of refurbished Windows XP desktop computers to provide access to critical information and resources.

  • A work in progress is a Disabled Veteran IT Mentorship program through which veteran with disabilities can gain the skills and experience needed to pursue a career in Information Technology.

    Cultural, Recreational, Restorative Activities

    Accessible Cabin at Kohler-Andrae State Park

    NHU provides access to recreational and restorative activities that will relieve the constant physical and emotional energy drain experienced by many individuals with disabilities and their caregivers. Via our Cultural, Recreational, Restorative Activities Program, we have established:

  • A wheelchair-accessible cabin building program in the state parks to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation, and exploration of the great outdoors; there are now 7 accessible cabins in Wisconsin and several more in other states

  • A work in progress is our effort to make accessible, thereby encouraging individuals to enjoy, a wide range of cultural and recreational activities to lift the heart and spirit.

    If you have questions or ideas, information and solutions that you would like to share with us, contact us by e-mail at: horizons@new-horizons.org or to use our NHU E-Mail Form or NHU Community Forum, click on the links below.

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