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Adaptive Technology

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin will continue hearing for the rules governing the Universal Service Fund

April 1, 1999 [Updated April 22, 1999, Updated June 12, 1999]
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This article has been updated as the PSC has given notice to continue the hearing on May 11, 1999 and extend the time to receive written comments until June. See below.

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is holding their biennial review of the Universal Service Fund rules in the Wis. Admin. Code ch. PSC 160 1-AC-1666. The PSC is continuing the hearing on May 11, 1999 at 9:00 A. M. concerning the use of this fund.

Hearing Location:

Amnicon Falls Hearing Room, 1st Floor
Public Service Commission
610 North Whitney Way,
Madison, WI

The 610 N. Whitney Way building is accessible through the main floor entrance on the Whitney Way side of the building. Handicapped parking is available on the south side of the building. Accessible restrooms are available.

If you have applied for the Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program (TEPP), you know that the value of the vouchers can range from $200 to $6,700 depending on the type of disability being accommodated. The rules governing this funding as well as other programs under the Universal Service Fund are under consideration at this hearing.

See NHU's recommendations to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin concerning the rules governing the Universal Service Fund September 30, 2000. This article contains the recommendations from the letter NHU sent to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin in support of and recommending changes to the Universal Service Fund.

If you have any objections, suggestions on the proposed rules of the fund or how the fund should be allocated, please write to the Public Service Commission by June 18, 1999.

Written comments are just as important as appearing in person.

All written comments on the rules must include a reference on the filing docket to: 1-AC-166.

Send your comments by mail to:

Lynda L. Dorr, Secretary to the Commission
Public Service Commission
P.O. Box 7854
Madison, WI 53707-7854

or fax your comments by noon, June 17, 1999:

FAX (608) 266-3957
Faxes must be labeled 1-AC-166 and labeled "Official Filing" on the cover sheet.
File by one mode only.

If you have questions, need accommodations to participate in this proceeding or need to receive information in an alternative format, contact:

Gary Evenson, Assistant Administrator,
Telecommunications Division, Public Service Commission
by calling (608) 266-6744, TTY (608) 267-1479
or e-mail evensg@psc.state.wi.us.

You can view the changes under consideration by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin for their Biennial Review of the Universal Service Fund Rules in Wis. Admin. Code ch. PSC 160 at (This link is no longer available)PSC.

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