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Health Care

Wisconsinís Long Term Care Redesign Proposal - Consumer Update

May 13, 1998

This is a guide to important information on how consumers can find out more about the proposal for Wisconsinís Long Term Care System and how to be more involved in the planning.

A revised version of the preliminary proposal of the Redesigning of Wisconsinís Long Term Care System by the Department of Health and Family Services for the Governorís "Family Care" Program is available on the DHFS website as of 4/9/98. This is a draft for review by the Consolidated Steering Committee. Revisions to the proposal have been considered by the committee and DHFS states that the proposal will be updated soon.

Consumer Forums are scheduled for May and June to be sponsored by Wisconsin State Centers for Independent Living. Contact your area CIL for their schedule of consumer forums. We will post any scheduled events as soon as we hear about them. Your local CIL should be doing any outreach and marketing of these forums. For a list of Wisconsin Centers for Independent Living see the Great Lakes Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center under Wisconsin.

DHFS will probably publish the schedule of these consumer forums in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or the DHFS website.

Here are some ways in which you as a consumer would be able to comment on the proposal or be involved in the planning of the proposal for the Wisconsin Long Term Care Redesign.

If you have comments concerning the proposal on Wisconsinís Long Term Care Redesign, people are welcome to contact Joyce Allen at DHFS. Send e-mail to: allenjb@dhfs.state.wi.us

or write to:

Joyce Allen
Office of Strategic Finance
Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services
1 W. Wilson,
P.O. Box 7850
Madison, WI 53707-7850

DHFS is welcoming additional consumers to be included in the next round of DHFS workgroups developing the proposal of the Wisconsin Long Term Care System. This next round of workgroups includes: Consumer Protection and Advocacy Issues; Housing Issues; Workforce Development; Nursing Home Provider Issues; Quality Indicators for the Resource Centers; and Employment Issues. Eventually, there should be more information on when and how often these groups will meet. Contact DHFS if you would like to help on the redesign.

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