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Response to a Commentary on the Monument Honoring Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Recently on TV there was a commentary on the monument honoring President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who led this country from a wheel chair.

The commentator stated there were differing opinions as to whether the monument should have shown the President in his wheelchair rather than having had the wheel chair hidden under his cape.

One can only wonder at the beneficial effects of having the monument show President Roosevelt in his wheelchair -- this President who had the ability to see our country through World War II.

Since the disabled in this country, with few exceptions, have not been treated with respect and dignity they deserve, a monument showing the president in his wheel chair could have had a considerable impact.

At the end of the commentary, the commentator pointed out a very small caster near the base of the monument. He suggested this might reflect the degree of significance the president attached to being wheelchair bound.

If only the rest of society could attach the same significance to those currently in wheelchairs, just imagine the possible effects.

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