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My Brother the Olympian

My Brother the Olympian

When my brother was born I was told that he would not be
doing all the things that other children would do.

I watched him put forth a tremendous effort to take his first steps

I watched him laboriously learn to write

I watched him struggle and learn to read

In the true spirit of an Olympian,
He had tremendous will to push himself beyond the limits of his body.

After I left home, he continued his struggle to succeed.

And I can not begin to understand
how he managed to get one degree in Business let alone the two he achieved.

But even after all that effort and achievement he was unable to obtain a job.
So he continued his struggle with his wonderful intellect
trapped inside a limiting body.

As the years passed he suffered more and more from
the physical and emotional injuries his disabilities inflicted.

I have asked myself many times,
what was the point of this tremendous effort and pain.

When he was born I was told he would not be doing what most children do.
I thought for many years that meant he would do less.

But in reality, as an Olympian,
he did much more than any of us could hope to achieve.

So I've asked again the questions,
"What was the point of Greg's life?"

And now I finally know.
He was a teacher.
He taught by example
As an Olympian

..To push the body beyond all reasonable expectation
..To push the mind relentlessly
..To push the spirit beyond pain and frustration, and through all of that,

..To push the heart where most of us would never go.

My brother the Olympian has left us a message.

He had great difficulty speaking
He had great difficulty writing

But he left us all by example a message
in the purest way he could.

To be the most we can be.
To make the maximum use of the talents and abilities we are given.

My Brother the Olympian

was my ultimate teacher.

Gregory Paul Miller

November 17, 1948 - October 10, 1998

We will miss you, Greg

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